IFPA – Alberta Provincial Pinball Championship


In conjunction with the IFPA (International Flipper Pinball Association) North American Championship Series held within the US, the Die Hard Pinball League (DHPL) hosts the Alberta Provincial Pinball Championship (APPC). IFPA tracks the WPPR (World Pinball Player Ranking) performance of players by results from each of the league and tournament events in the province and at the end of each calendar year the top 16 players with the most WPPR points from Alberta will qualify for the APPC.

Schedule & Fees:

The 2021-22 Alberta Provincial Pinball Championships scheduled for February 12, 2021 at Arkadium Retro Arcade, in Sherwood Park, Alberta. The entry fee will be $10, $25 (IFPA rank 1500 or less), and the top 4 winners in A and B division will receive prize money and plaques. The winner will also have there name on a banner that will be hung at our annual YEGPIN Pinball and Arcade Expos.


The tournament is normally only open to the top 16 players in the province but this year the IFPA North America Championship Series is cancelled so we are making this an open invite tournament for probably the only time ever. This might be the only chance for some people to play in a provincial championship. There will be a maximum of 80 people that can attend this event, and it will be a first come, first served registration.

Tournament Format:

The format is a head to head and you are guaranteed two rounds of play. All players start in the A division, if you win your first round or have a bye you will stay in the A division, if you lose your first game then you will be placed in the B Division. In the A Division the games are a best out of 7, in the B Division the games are a Best out of 3.

The APPC will follow the official rules as the North America IFPA Championship Series, found HERE.

Any questions please contact the DHPL at diehardpinball@gmail.com

Alberta Provincial Pinball Champions:

YearProvincial ChampionRunner Up
2016Ryan JamesDerek Thomson
2017Derek ThomsonPaul Sinclair
2018Doug TealeSheldon Fuchs
2019Dan HorneMike Wieschorster
2020Mike TzanakosGermain Mariolle