The league is open and if you are interested in dropping to play check us out on a Thursday League Night at Arkadium Retro Arcade.

Check the events page for the dates and times of the events.

Below are the final League Standings for season 8:
– The worst five scores out of the total of 20 events have been removed.
– If you win any event you will automatically qualify for the A division.

* Player qualified for ‘A’ division League Final

DHPL: League Standings

PlacePlayer NameWinsTotal DHPL PointsDivision
1Kyle Harvey1*55Comp A
2Derek Thomson062Comp A
3Paul Sinclair053Comp A
4Jeff Gully044Comp A
5Scott Stinchcombe043Comp A
5David Johnston US043Comp A
7Michael Gartner039Comp A
8Braem Yakimets035Comp A
9Dale Kemp032Comp A
9Grant Rankin032Comp A
11Loren Rolheiser031Comp B
11Brenda Yakimets031Comp B
11Kevin Vesso031Comp B
14Sydney Harvey030Comp B
15Alex Kemp029Comp B
15Chris Van Belois029Comp B
15Elie Kushner029Comp B
18Jordan Penner027Comp B
19Brett Starkey025Comp B
20Dave Formenti024Comp B
21Brendan Robbins023Novice A
21Brendan Fingler023Novice A
23Krista Goshko021Novice A
24Kim Formenti020Novice A
25Randy Stinchcombe019Novice A
25Bryce Althouse019Novice A
25Jason Brittain019Novice A
28Theresa Hurst017Novice A
29Danitza Rupcic016Novice A
30Luca Stinchcombe015Novice A
30Cody Tompkins015Novice A

Rookie of the Year – Standings

PlacePlayer NameTotal DHPL Points
21Brendan Fingler23
28Theresa Hurst17
29Danitza Rupcic16

Top Woman Performer – Standings

PlacePlayer NameTotal DHPL Points
11Brenda Yakimets31
14Sydney Harvey30
23Krista Goshko21
24Kim Formenti20
28Theresa Hurst17
29Danitza Rupcic16