IFPA – Women’s Alberta Provincial Pinball Championships

The Death Save Pinball League (DSPL) organizes the Women’s Alberta Provincial Pinball Championship (WAPPC). 

The Women’s State/Provincial Championships Series will be held on the Sunday immediately following the State/Provincial Championship Series. All tournaments will be held on the same day in order to build momentum and excitement as well as limit participation to one event. Tournament format will follow the SCS/PCS structure: fold seeding (highest seed plays lowest seed, 2nd highest plays 2nd lowest, etc.), best-of-7 matches, single-elimination bracket.

IFPA tracks the WPPR (World Pinball Player Ranking) performance of players by results from each of the league and tournament events in the province and at the end of each calendar year the top 16 players with the most WPPR points from Alberta will qualify for the APPC.

Because the IFPA has halted the women’s dollar fee for the time being, there will be a tournament entry fee of $20 per player, with the top four receiving prizes of $130 (1st), $95 (2nd), $65 (3rd), and $30 (4th) based on a 40%-30%-20%-10% payout structure.

The 2020-21 Women’s Alberta Provincial Pinball Championships scheduled for January 17, 2021 at Arkadium Retro Arcade, in Sherwood Park, Alberta. Placement in A division will receive plaques, as will the top player in B, C, D divisions. The APPC will follow the official rules as the North America IFPA Championship Series, found HERE.

Any questions please contact the Death Save Pinball League.