2020 DHPL Championship Series

  • Are you interested playing some pinball at least every two weeks?
  • Interested in playing with a group of people that share the same passion?
  • Interested in competing at your skill level and a competitive and fun environment?
  • Interested in qualifying and playing in the IFPA National Championship in the US next year?
  • Here is a great opportunity to do all these things and at the same time acquire IFPA world ranking points.

Past Champions:

2019Ryan James
2018Paul Sinclair
2017Derek Thomson
2016Derek Thomson
2015Derek Thomson

League Commitments:

  • Unless otherwise noted the DHPL will be playing all league events at Arkadium Retro Arcade in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada, all events start at 6:45PM sharp.
  • There will be a total of 20 league events and a league final at the end of the year League play dates in 2020 can be found on the DHPL events page or the IFPA website.
  • Each player has the option to pay an annual DHPL membership fee of $50, with that payment all DHPL league events are free. (Please note the person still needs to pay an entrance fee to the arcade on the day of the event).
  • If you just want to show up in person on a league night event, it is a payment of $5 each night to be registered that night (please note the person still needs to pay an entrance fee to the arcade on the day of the event).
  • A maximum of 80 players will be accepted to play on any given league night.
  • A year end playoff in the end of November will be played to determine the overall winner in each division.


  • Top 4 in every division will receive a plaque at the year end playoff. Depending on the monies collected there will be cash prizing that will be allocated to all divisions.

League Structure:

  • Six (7) games will be played each league night in 4 or less random player groups.
  • We will use Match Play tournament software. Each event will use IFPA tournament scoring format to score you points from 10-6-4-2 for each round.
  • The top (8) after every league night will play in one or two rounds (10,6,4,2) three game playoff to determine winner for the night. Note: Only significant tiebreakers will be broken, and it is determined by whomever had the best initial seed for the night. If there is a tie in initial tiebreaker then a one ball playoff is held to determine the seeding or winner.
  • IFPA results will be submitted based the placement of each night including playoffs. There will be a total of 21 IFPA submissions, world ranking points will be given for each submitted event.
  • All of your IFPA league points accumulated during all DHPL league events, the top 15 will be counted and included to determine your final seed for the DHPL Championship Series. Please note YEGPIN, DHPL tournaments or other league events do not count towards this total.


There are no subs in this format, come to whatever events you want, the more accumulated points you have the better placement you have for the DHP Championship Series. If you only show up to the
DHP Championship Series then you will be placed as the worst seed in a division assigned by organizers.

DHPL Championship Series Final (November 28, 2020)

The DHPL Championship Series Final will feature a group of pinball machines selected by officials.

  • Machines outside this group may not be selected for play. Officials may make machine substitutions as they deem necessary.
  • Final league standings will be determined promptly after the last league event.
  • There is no entry fee for the league final for DHPL members, a $5 fee for non members, the year end city championship is open to all players.
  • All divisions will be awarded with playoffs plaques (and cash prizing is applicable) for first to third placements.

Playoff Seeding

Everyone who plays, or wants to play in the final can. It depends on how many players register for the DHPL Championship Series throughout the year.

0-10 players: 1 division
11-26 players: 2 divisions
27-42 players: 3 divisions
43-68 players: 4 divisions
68+ players: we will cross that bridge if it gets any bigger lol…

Division Restrictions

Players will be restricted depending on their IFPA ranking at the time of the registration.

IFPA Ranking < 1000 – Restricted to B division or higher.

No other restrictions apply.

A Division Playoff Format

Playoff Rounds:

Endurance Phase:

The top two players during regular season play will automatically receive a bye to the final phase.

7-10 places will play a ladder group play. The winner of the first and second game will advance to the next round.

5-6 places will play a ladder group play. The winner of the first and second game will advance to the next round. .

3-4 seed will be added play a group play PAPA style (4,2,1,0), 3 machine playoff.

Final Phase:

The final four will square off in final group play PAPA style (10,6,4,2), 5 machine bank playoff to determine the winner of the DHPL Championship Series.

  • The winner of the DHPL Championship Series will be presented with the DHPL League belt.

For All Other Divisions:

  • Using Brackalope software each player will play a double knockout head to head best of three game match play to determine the winners in those divisions.
  • Highest seed gets the option of game choice or position.

General Playing Rules:

Our league follows the rules and guidelines pertaining to the league these can reviewed: www.diehardpinball.ca

Code of Conduct:

If you are noticeably drunk and slurring words, having trouble walking, etc you will be asked to leave the premises. I have no issues with those that would like to have a drink or two, just keep it under control.

If you are caught cheating in any way shape or form you will be banned from not just that event but the league without having any money returned, remember we are here for fun!

Misconduct will be dealt with on a per incident basis and includes:

  • Intimidation both verbal and physical.
  • Threatening actions or behavior both verbal and physical.


In the event of any dispute on the rules, a league organizer who is not involved in the game will rule on the dispute. Their decision is final.