The league is open and if you are interested in dropping to play check us out on a Thursday League Night at Arkadium Retro Arcade. Check the events page for the dates and times of the events.

Below are the final League Standings for season 6:
– The worst five scores out of the total of 20 events have been removed.
– If you win any event you will automatically qualify for the A division.

* Player qualified for ‘A League Final
** Player clinched First Place

DHPL: League Standings

PlacePlayer NameWinsDHPL PointsDivision
1Derek Thomson**10815
2Kyle Harvey*3676
3Ryan James*3631
4Mike Wieschorster*2608
5Paul Sinclair*1735
6Jordan Penner*1614
7Gilles Touchette*0551
8Paul Labrash*0505
9Brenda Yakimets*0502
10Steve Richards*0499
11Grant Rankin0490
12Luca Stinchcombe0477
13Elie Kushner0475
14David Johnston0460
15Scott Stinchcombe0454
16Jeff Gully0409
17Dave Formenti0386
18Jason Woods0382
19Jason Cooper0344
20Steve Van Drunen0306
21Brendan Robbins0300
22Brett Starkey0292
23Lorenzo Andre0291
24Andrew Richards0280
25Kim Formenti0278
26Chris Salmas0275
27Braem Yakimets0273C
28Winston Herbert0270C
29Amanda Anderson0268C
30Gabrielle Richards0260C
31Bryce Althouse0257C
32Kosta Salmas0210C
33Christian Formenti0205C
34Ryan Pollard0191C
35Krista Goshko0177C
36Sean Badman0175C
37Tyler Doty0164C
38Calvin Chou0134C
39Chris Van Belios0126C
40Christa Lucyk0122C
41Chris Morris0120C
42Thomas Badree0108C
42Chad Lucyk0108D
44Erin Badree0106D
45Darryl Kaminski075D
46Al Elgie066D
47Etta Fung063D
48Janell Robbins062D
49Stavos Salmas061D
50Michael Sale059D
51Jonathan Puckrin050D
51Michael Gartner050D
53Scott Wolff047D
54Trista Cooper045D
54Ob Mccurdy045D
56Jeff Christensen043D
57Dale Kemp041D
58Shawn Reynolds038D
59Sydney Harvey032D
60Anson Cooper032D
61Judy Laduranteay029D
61Mary Stinchcombe029D
63Bill LePage027D
64Jason Schoenberger026D
65Kaylee Thoen025D
66Kendra Robbins021D
66Mia St. Amant021D
68Zac Drewniak020D
68Rob Walker020D
70Rodney Goluk019D
70Jan Brown019D
72Stephanie McAllister018D
73Sean Herbert017D
74Michael Beck015D
74Quinton Herbert015D
74Neil Yakimets015D
74Zach Jenne015D
74Randy Stinchcombe015D
79Kevin Lowe013D
79Mackenzie Richards013D
81Kevin McHenry012D
82Jeff Scott011D

Rookie of the Year – Standings

PlacePlayer NameDHPL Points
9Brenda Yakimets*502
10Steve Richards*499
11Grant Rankin490
12Luca Stinchcombe477
15Scott Stinchcombe454
19Jason Cooper344
20Steve Van Drunen306
21Brendan Robbins300
23Lorenzo Andre291
24Andrew Richards280
25Kim Formenti278
27Braem Yakimets273
30Gabrielle Richards260
31Bryce Althouse257
32Kosta Salmas210
33Christian Formenti205
35Krista Goshko177
38Calvin Chou134
39Chris Van Belios126
41Chris Morris120
46Al Elgie66
47Etta Fung63
48Janell Robbins62
49Stavos Salmas61
50Michael Sale59
51Michael Gartner50
53Scott Wolff47
54Trista Cooper45
54Ob Mccurdy45
56Jeff Christensen43
58Shawn Reynolds38
60Anson Cooper32
61Mary Stinchcombe29
64Jason Schoenberger26
65Kaylee Thoen25
66Kendra Robbins21
66Mia St. Amant21
68Zac Drewniak20
68Rob Walker20
70Jan Brown19
72Stephanie McAllister18
73Sean Herbert17
74Michael Beck15
74Quinton Herbert15
74Neil Yakimets15
74Zach Jenne15
74Randy Stinchcombe15
79Kevin Lowe13
79Mackenzie Richards13
81Kevin McHenry12
82Jeff Scott11

Top Woman Performer – Standings

PlacePlayer NameDHPL Points
9Brenda Yakimets*502
25Kim Formenti278
29Amanda Anderson268
30Gabrielle Richards260
35Krista Goshko177
40Christa Lucyk122
44Erin Badree106
47Etta Fung63
48Janell Robbins62
54Trista Cooper45
59Sydney Harvey32
61Mary Stinchcombe29
65Kaylee Thoen25
66Kendra Robbins21
66Mia St. Amant21
70Jan Brown19
72Stephanie McAllister18
79Mackenzie Richards13