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Below are the Current League Standings after event #11:
– The worst three scores from previous events have been removed

* Player qualified for ‘A or B’ League Final
** Player qualified for ‘A’ final bye

PlacePlayer NameWinsTotal PointsSubs UsedDivision
1Ryan James*33461
2Derek Thomson*23661
3Mike Wieschorster*23401
4Paul Sinclair*23170
5Elie Kushner*13502
6Rick Halisky*12024
7Kyle Harvey03150
8Winston Herbert02710
9Chad Lucyk02520
10William LePage02341
11Thomas Badree02291
12Ryan Pollard02280
12Tyler Doty02280
12Chris Salmas02280
15Jordan Penner02271
16Dave Formenti02262
17Gilles Touchette02221
17Paul Labrash02220
19Christa Lucyk02132
19Ian McJannet02132
19Rob Hanke02130
22Derek Breault02122
22Erin Pampu02121
24Dale Kemp02104
25Jason Woods02021
26Jason Zazula01912
27Sydney Harvey01881
28Rodney Goluk01870
29Shane Dzivinski01863
30Winston Tuttle01813
31Amanda Anderson01760
32Mark Thompson01660
33Patrick Bieganek01652E
34Chris Missere01621E
35Mike McDonald01591E
36Andrew Stevenson01091E
37Judy Laduranteay01021E
38Brett Starkey0930E
39Alicia Luster0881E
40Chris Von Skopczynski0652E