Welcome to the Die Hard Pinball League

 Thank you for all of those who attended the 2016 Edmonton Pinball and Arcade Expo, information should come out early next year on details of the show in 2017. See you all there!!!!

Welcome to Die Hard Pinball.

Die Hard Pinball League is a non-profit society and a group of Edmonton pinball enthusiasts that get together to celebrate the great hobby of Pinball. We also have members that travel the world to PAPA pinball events. It is a fun way to share our love for Pinball! If you are interested in competing in an Edmonton event or are looking for a group of pinheads drop us a line at diehardpinball@gmail.com


Three are four main groups that are associated with Die Hard Pinball.


1. A small closed pinball collectors group which gets together once every two months for PinNights!!!. In order to participate or qualify in this group you must be a pinball collector and commit to either hosting a PinNight or open your home collection to other members from time to time.


2. Is our league night group at Lucky’s Lounge, this is open to the general public this group. The league runs every three weeks and plays for the league championship. It is a competitive pinball league from seasoned tournament players to novice players as is has both A division and B division play, cash, prizes and IFPA world ranking points are awarded at the end of the season. Points are accumulated and the top 16 players are eligible to play for the Alberta Provincial Championship. The winner goes on to represent the province in the US National Championships each year.


3. Major tournaments which are open to the general public, these are generally held at Lucky’s Lounge. We plan on having these three times a year, hopefully to expand these number of participants in the future. Each tournament in the year will have a different format and IFPA world ranking points are provided to those who participate.


4. Die Hard Pinball hosts the Edmonton Pinball and Arcade Expo, this is a yearly all ages event which brings over 100 pinball and arcade machines to a major location. There are two pinball tournaments that are streamed worldwide, vendor booths showing off the latest and greatest in pinball and arcade and tons of machines on free play for the entire weekend.


For all current events that are schedule take a look at the top menu or you can click here on the Events Page.


For more information or questions you might have about our league feel free to post a comment or to contact us directly at diehardpinball@gmail.com


14 thoughts on “Welcome to the Die Hard Pinball League

  1. Hi,

    When did this group start up? I have been searching for pinball events in Edmonton for a while. Has there been more events than the upcoming tournament at Denizen hall this Saturday?

    Let me know,


    1. The DHPL has been in existence for around 2 years, but we have expanded our reach now that Denizen Hall has an establishment that can support us expanding to host major tournaments. Look out for more announcements for future events on this site as well we advertise on Pinside and Kjijii for all major tournaments.

  2. I live in Lethbridge and Love to play pinball. Would love to know of future events. So keep me in the loop. Thanks

    1. Awesome to hear, all future events will be posted on the events section on the site, we also tend to advertise on Pinside and on Kjijii for all of our major tournaments, hope to see you attend one.

  3. Photos from your tournament are in the Globe today and online in a gallery at http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/pinball-wizards-compete-in-edmonton/article22744903/

    1. Awesome stuff!!!

  4. Noticed your article in the Edmonton Journal this past Thursday, hope your tournament on the weekend was a success!

    Thought I’d send this email to your attention to see if anyone is interested in a 1974 Williams Skylab Pinball Machine. It is in need of a tune-up (quit working when we last moved it to the far recesses of the basement), … but we do have both the instruction manual and the schematics.

    If so, you can contact us at the following email address: **removed for privacy**

    Thanks for sharing this with your members,

    1. Our membership actively look on Kjijii and Pinside for pinball machine sales, and probably have seen your ad but will pass the message along… Good luck with your sale.

  5. Congrats on the club! We’d like to donate prize items for your tourney’s. Let us know where to ship.


  6. Hi there. I have a kid who loves pinball, but don’t know where in Edmonton to find a selection of machines. I took her to the Pinball Expo, and she had a blast, but I assume the Yellowhead Inn doesn’t allow minors outside of the Expo weekend? It seems like most machines are in bars & pubs. Any advice would be great – Thanks!

    1. Hi Curtis,

      The Pinball Expo (YEGPIN) is the only all ages event that has a big selection of pinball machines but it only happens once a year. The following link will provide you with a number of locations that have pinball machines https://pinside.com/pinball/map/where-to-play?searchterm=edmonton#results but to be honest your best bet to invest in one yourself if she is really keen on playing. Location pinball for all ages groups is very limited since arcades are a thing of the past, and I am not sure if the new location for the South Side Rec Room will have location pinball machines in it. Good Luck!!!!

  7. I contacted The Rec Room a few days ago, and they confirmed that they will have pinball machines!

    Minors are welcome with an accompanying adult, according to their website.

    Great to see another venue come to Edmonton in the coming weeks.

    1. That is awesome to hear, once they are up and running I will touch base with them, might be a great opportunity to run an all ages pinball tournament out of there.

  8. Stopped by The Rec Room today….very cool place (think Dave & Busters in the States, only bigger).

    As promised, they do have pinball…but only two machi es. Star Trek and Game of Thrones.

    On the other hand, they have a ton of video/redemption games, plus, ping pong, bowling, pool, axe throwing, etc….

    Well worth at least one visit.

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