League Championship Series

Unless otherwise noted the location will be Lucky’s Lounge in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, all events start at 7:00PM sharp.

League play dates in 2017 can be found on the events page

Are you interested playing some pinball every three weeks, interested in playing with a group of people that share the same passion, interested in competing at your skill level and a competitive and fun environment, interested in qualifying and playing in the IFPA National Championship in the US next year? Here is a great opportunity to do all these things and at the same time acquire IFPA world ranking points.




    1. In the event of any dispute on the rules, a league organizer who is not involved in the game will rule on the dispute. Their decision is final.
      1. League Commitments:
      • Each player pays a league fee of $75 plus normal coin drop at the day of the event.
      • There will be a total of 15 league events during the year, the schedule will be posted on www.diehardpinball.ca
      • Only thirty six (36) players will be able to play the event on a league night
      • The top twelve (12) point totals will be counted to your overall standing, in other words you will be able to drop your two (2) league event lowest scores.
      • The top (4) in each league night will play in a (4,2,1,0) three game playoff to determine winner for the night.
      • A year end league circuit final in November will be played to determine the overall winner in each division.
      • IFPA world ranking points will be given for each event.


      1. League Dates for 2017 Season:


      • The league will play locations at Lucky’s Lounge on the following dates:


      January 10 January 24 February 11 February 28 March 21
      April 11 April 25 May 30 June 13 September 5
      September 26 October 10 October 24 November 21 November 28


      1. Prizes:


      • All divisions will receive custom league winner plaques and the following prize monies:


      A B C D
      1 300 225 150



      225 150


      3 150 75



      1. Regular Season Structure:


      4.1 League Structure:
      There will be fourteen (14) league events in the calendar year. Each event, players will play six (6) total games each night in four (4) player or less groups in group match play format. We will use the normal tournament scoring format to score you points from 7-5-3-1 (four player) or 7-4-1 (three player groups) for each machine. A playoff for the top 4 positions will be complete at the end of each league night to determine the winner of the night. Tiebreaker games will be played if there is a tie to get into the top 4 positions.


      4.2 League Points:

      Regular season points will be awarded each night on how many points you accumulate. The total regular season points will determine who the top 11 are and move ahead to the ‘A’ league final. If you are the winner in any of the 14 league events you automatically qualify for one of the final spots in either A or B.
      4.3 Substitution Rule:

      There will be a substitution rule where you can have a sub replace you up to four times during season play. A player must send an email to diehardpinball@gmail.com if they are sending a sub to an event, and let us know the name of the individual. The intent of this rule is to allow a player who just cannot make all events to have someone play in their place so they can at least score some points for that week. This rule will be monitored as it is not to bring in a ringer to play for you that night so you can move up in the standings. If you are attending any of the events you must play, unless you are physically incapable in doing so.


      1. DHPL League Championship Final (November 28, 2016)


      • The DHPL Championship League Final in ‘A’ division will feature a group of pinball machines selected by officials. Machines outside this group may not be selected for play. Officials may make machine substitutions as they deem necessary. Final Circuit standings will be determined promptly after the last league event. There is no entry fee for the league final, and it is only open to qualified players.
        • Qualified Players: will be notified promptly by league coordinators. There will be no substitutions, and entries to the league final are non-transferable. The top 11 players in league will play in the ‘A’ Division endurance phase.
        • Endurance Phase: of the league final consists of a series of four-player games. The first game is played by the four lowest-seeded players. The highest-seeded player has choice of machine or order of play. Position is determined through the remaining players in descending order of seeding. The player who has the lowest score is eliminated from the final. No player may choose the same machine more than once, but any player may choose a machine already played, provided it was not the machine most recently played. Officials may remove any machine from consideration at any time. The top-seeded player does not participate in the Endurance Phase; when he or she is among the final four players remaining, the Marathon Phase immediately begins.
        • The Marathon Phase: consists of five games played between the final four players, utilizing the rules and scoring of standard qualification rounds, except as described herein. Five machines will be selected by league organizers, position of play will be determined by seeding.  Any ties for first place at the end of the Marathon Phase will be resolved by an additional game, played between the tied players, on a machine randomly selected by officials. In a tiebreaking game, the highest-seeded player has choice of order of play, proceeding in descending order of seeding.


      • Each four-player game will be scored as follows:


      1st 2nd 3rd 4th
      Points 4 2 1



      • ‘A’ divisions of 4 qualified players will play in the marathon phase to determine the winner
      • ‘B’ to ‘D’ division will play head to head double knockout format one game match play to determine finalist for their divisions.


      1. General Playing Rules:

      Our league follows the rules and guidelines pertaining to the league these can reviewed: www.diehardpinball.ca

      6.1 Code of Conduct:


      1. If you are noticeably drunk and slurring words, having trouble walking, etc you will be asked to leave the premises. I have no issues with those that would like to have a drink or two, just keep it under control.
      2. If you are caught cheating in any way shape or form you will be banned from not just that event but the league without having any money returned.
      3. Misconduct will be dealt with on a per incident basis and includes:
        1. Intimidation both verbal and physical.
        2. Threatening actions or behavior both verbal and physical.


      6.2 Arbitration:

      1. In the event of any dispute on the rules, a league organizer who is not involved in the game will rule on the dispute. Their decision is final.